Chroma Keyers

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Datavideo CKL-300 Chroma Key Ring and Screen Kit

Datavideo CKL-300 is a combination of a dual colour (Green & Blue) LED ring and a unique 3 x retro-reflective back drop cloth, which is embedded with tiny glass beads.
RRP: $2349.00
SAVE: $424.00
PAY: $1925.00

Datavideo DVK-200 Chroma Key with DVI and SD Inputs

Choice of Blue, Green or Luminance keying • Advanced key adjustments, for perfect keying • Background inputs from; S-Video, Composite Video or DVI
RRP: $2429.00
SAVE: $84.00
PAY: $2345.00

Datavideo LD-1 Chroma Key Camera Ring and Control Box

The LD-1 is a LED camera light ring and control box for chroma keying.
RRP: $1009.00
SAVE: $34.00
PAY: $975.00

Datavideo RF-1025 Highly Retro-Reflective Chromakey Fabric HD

An expandable highly Retro-reflective cloth with embedded glasses beads that makes it ideal for chroma keying video production.
RRP: $559.95
SAVE: $25.00
PAY: $535.00

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