AJA OG-10-BNC-REAR-R0 10-BNC Open Gear rear connector module

AJA OG-10-BNC-REAR-R0 10-BNC Open Gear rear connector module

AJA DRM Rackmount Frame for Multiple Mini-Converters

Compact, secure installation of multiple AJA Mini-Converters
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The DRM is a 2RU high frame that can accommodate up to 12 of the smaller AJA Mini-Converters (D4 – D5 series and others of the same size), up to 6 of the larger AJA Mini-Converters (D10 or HD10 series), or a mixture of both. The DRM has a built-in 110/220V power supply with 12 connectors to provide 5V power directly to the Mini-Converters without the need for individual power supplies for each Mini-Converter.

Note: Due to size and power requirements, AJA's ROI, 4K2HD, Hi5-4K and 3GM Mini-Converters are not supported in the DRM frame.

Specifications:Universal 100-240V, 50/60Hz Power Input
Specifications:Twelve separate +5V DC regulated outputs (hard-wired to power supply
Specifications:Mounting slots for up to 12 AJA Mini-Converters (some Mini-Converters require two slots. See the DRM Installation Guide for specifics
Specifications:Optional Front Cover Plate (sold separately
Specifications:Width: standard 19' rack mount
Specifications:Height: 2 RU
Specifications:Depth: 9' (22.86 cm