Atomos D-Tap DC Power adaptor

Atomos D-Tap DC Power adaptor

Atomos 9V AC to DC Battery Adaptor for Samurai, Ninja 2 and Connect

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Bond is a robust cellular transmitter that allows anybody to broadcast full HD video with absolute ease and confidence. There are no contracts, no recurring fees, and best of all, the only ongoing cost is that of your cellular data plans. To streamline Bond's configuration, Teradek is happy to help you with your setup. Once the initial configuration is complete, the system will take care of itself.

Bond is especially relevant for ENG applications since it enables news crews to create their story in the field, email it back to the station over a 4G modem, and then use that same modem with Bond to begin shooting live immediately. One other advantage for this industry is the unit's small chassis and low power requirements. A single Teradek SWIT battery will power both camera and Bond for multiple hours.

Stream Over Multiple Cellular Networks

Bond can stream full HD video over up to five 3G and 4G USB modems simultaneously from most cellular carriers worldwide. See the full list of supported cellular modems here.

Send Your Content Anywhere Confidently

Whether you are streaming directly to the Internet or back to your control room, the Teradek Bond™ will transmit video to nearly any platform. Bond’s revolutionary Adaptive Internet Streaming technology constantly adjusts the video bit rate and buffering in real time to adapt to varying network conditions. This will ensure that your content is delivered reliably and at the highest quality possible.

Compact and Affordable

Bond is the smallest and most affordable cellular bonding solution on the market today. Forget about heavy backpacks, Bond weighs less than 7oz and is about the size of a deck of cards. Despite its industry leading design and features, Bond costs far less than competing devices, which opens the doors for anybody to go live from any location with adequate cellular coverage.

Power options

Bond operates on 6-28V DC and requires additional power accessories when used with a roaming camera. Teradek offers a variety of cables, batteries and battery adaptor plates for almost any camera setup.

  • Up to 5 3G or 4G Modems
  • Bullet Proof High Grade Aluminum
BOND™ SYSTEM DISCLOSURE:Bond requires a Teradek Cube encoder with USB connectivity. The Cube is NOT included with Bond. If the video stream destination is a Cube decoder, an MPEG-TS license must be purchased for an additional fee. Bond communicates with Sputnik, a free and proprietary software application. Sputnik is a Linux application, and can be deployed on a physical computer or in the cloud. Sputnik system requirements
SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS::Amazon Linux 2011 (Using Amazon EC2)
» Fedora 13,14,15
CentOS 6
Debian 6 (Squeeze).
250GB HDD Space
500GB HDD Spac

  • 1x Bond unit(s)
  • 1x Power Supply 110 – 240V AC (with international adaptors)
  • 1x Bond Power Cable - 6' 2-Pin Lemo to 4-Pin Lemo
  • 1x Hot Shoe Mounting adaptor (Short and Long)
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x USB Drive w/ TeraCentral Management Software, user guide and set-up videos
  • 1x Sputnik Aggregation Software
  • 1x Mounting plates (for USB modem retention)