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NewTek Connect Pro Coupon Code

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NewTek NDI Telestrator Software (Coupon Code)

NewTek Virtual Set Editor Advanced Edition (Coupon Code)

Transform any location into a professional, virtual environment or wrap your presenters in a 360-degree holographic vista. With a plain backdrop, a few square feet of space and Virtual Set Editor Advanced Edition, now you can dramatically raise your production value with dazzling visual effects that make an impact your audience can practically touch.

.Bring your dream studio to life.

Realize your vision for a professional-looking studio – wherever you want it. With a simple setup, a few square feet of space, and Virtual Set Editor, you can transform any location into a spectacular virtual environment that dramatically raises your production value and adds instant credibility to your presentation.

Virtual Set Editor Advanced Edition

  • Exclusively compatible with TriCaster Advanced Edition software
  • Features enhanced LiveSet™ technology and support for real-time animated lens flares
  • Includes Virtual Set Editor Advanced Edition and Animation Store Creator applications and content
  • Supports creation of custom virtual sets, holographic virtual sets, animation store transitions, and animation buffers

Building and editing your own virtual sets is just the start. Capture a panoramic image with a camera or smartphone to generate a virtual set from a real-world location. Create custom 3D transitions and warping effects, and make network-style stingers and animation loops with the included Animation Store Creator application.

Design. Create. Customize.

With Virtual Set Editor, you have the tools at your fingertips to turn any space into an authentic studio atmosphere. Customize any of the included starter sets to match your brand, style, and color scheme, or import a one-of-a-kind studio built from the ground up using your choice of design applications. Save your changes, export your finished product, and the stage is set for your live production.

Sets Just Got Real

Immerse your presenters in a 360° virtual environment with holographic virtual sets. Capture a panoramic image of any real-world location with a smartphone or camera, or model a scene using any 3D application, then import into Virtual Set Editor to generate incredibly lifelike sets that blur the lines between virtual and reality.

More Information
  • Edit a variety of set elements including inputs, backgrounds, color schemes, set pieces, and more
  • Includes customizable virtual set template
  • Choose the set angle to make changes and preview modifications
  • Use a panoramic photo or 3D render for your virtual environment
  • Map up to 4 live video inputs into the scene
  • Configure virtual camera shot framing and presets
  • Produce custom transitions and effects from your own logos and graphics
  • Apply sound effects to accompany animations
  • Preview every frame of your animation sequence
  • 13 customizable virtual sets
  • 3 holographic virtual sets
  • 3 multi-layer sets
  • 6 PSD examples
  • 14 box effects
  • 51 box frames
  • 20 backgrounds
  • UV gradient warp image
  • 3 animation store examples
More Information
System Requirements:64 Bit OS, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer
CPU supporting AVX instructions
Display with minimum resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels
Virtual Set Editor Advanced Edition is exclusively compatible with TriCaster 8000, 860, 460, 410 and TriCaster Mini (HD-4-HD-4i, and HD-4sdi) systems running the latest version of TriCaster Advanced Edition, which support enhanced LiveSet technology, custom virtual sets, shot presets, holographic virtual sets, real-time animated lens flares, and animation store transitions.