About Datavideo

Based in Taipei, Datavideo engineers, designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative technologies for use in broadcast, AV, live event and production environments. Datavideo manufactures broadcast video switchers, Virtual Studio equipment, Audio Mixing and Management products, recorders, pan–tilt–zoom camera (PTZ camera), standards converters, camera control interfaces, intercom and tally systems, test and measurement equipment, network streaming products, character generators and interfaces, LCD monitors, power distribution equipment and much more.

Found 30 years ago and based in Taiwan, Datavideo has spread globally, with subsidiaries in America, England, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore , Hong Kong, India, France, and China. With regional offices in North America, Europe, the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia, and a global network of distributors, Datavideo delivers full support to resellers, end users and integrators.

Datavideo brings high end product features to customers that want cost effective solutions, broadcast-quality performance and class-leading reliability. In a fast changing market with ever increasing demands, Datavideo's innovative solutions - developed in-house - enable users to invest in the latest technology at affordable prices.


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  1. -5%
    Datavideo DAC-91 3Gbps/HD/SD Analogue Audio embedder
    Regular Price $599.95 Special Price $571.00
  2. -5%
    Datavideo DAC-90 3Gbps/HD/SD Analogue Audio de-embedder
    Regular Price $539.95 Special Price $514.00
  3. -5%
    Datavideo DAC-60 HD/ SD-SDI to VGA converter
    Regular Price $619.95 Special Price $590.00
  4. -5%
    Datavideo HDR-1 Professional HDMI H.264 Recorder - USB Media
    Regular Price $889.95 Special Price $847.00
  5. -5%
    Datavideo CB-4 Intercom extension cable 50 m
    Regular Price $199.95 Special Price $190.00
  6. -5%
    Datavideo CB-3 Intercom extension cable 20
    Regular Price $99.95 Special Price $95.00
  7. -5%
    Datavideo ITC-100 Intercom System
    Regular Price $2,095.00 Special Price $1,995.00
  8. -5%
    Datavideo VP445 4 Way HD/SD SDI Distribution Amplifier
    Regular Price $359.95 Special Price $342.00
  9. -5%
    Datavideo DAC-70 VGA, SDI, and HDMI Up/Down/Cross Converter
    Regular Price $889.95 Special Price $847.00
  10. -10%
    Datavideo BAC-03 Balanced Unbalanced Audio Converter
    Regular Price $409.95 Special Price $371.00
  11. -10%
    Datavideo SE-2200 Channel Digital Switcher
    Regular Price $5,299.00 Special Price $4,784.00
  12. -5%
    Datavideo Portable HD/SD 6 Channel Digital Switcher
    Regular Price $9,699.00 Special Price $9,237.00
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