IDX Cheese Plate

IDX Cheese Plate

IDX P-V2 ENDURA V-Mount Plate w/2 Pin D-Tap DC out & Digi-View

V-Mount Camera Converter + Digi-View
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The P-V2 and P-VS2 are rugged V-Plates to convert cameras without a rear V-Mount battery connection, so that any of the V-Mount ENDURA batteries can be easily attached. Both models are designed with multiple mounting holes to fit virtually all professional video cameras, with the added advantage of a built-in 2-pin D-Tap 50W DC output.

The P-V2 can also be used as the V-Mount adaptor for many manufactures’ monitors, displays, test instruments and more.

  • Multiple mounting holes for universal camera connection.
  • Digi-View data connectors are fitted as standard on both models. Digital battery capacity data from the ENDURA ELITE, E-10 and E-7 can be transferred through the P-V2 and P-VS2 to compatible viewfinders found in most cameras. For accuracy and detail, remaining capacity is shown in steps of 1%.
  • Precise tooling and high-grade components enhance a design that offers a secure lock onto the battery for an exact fit connecting the mount’s power terminals.
  • Pre-wired power connectors fitted as standard, eliminating the need for manual screw connection.
  • 50W 2-pin D-Tap connector uses battery voltage to power an onboard camera light or broadcast accessory.
Maximum Output for D-Tap:50W
Dimensions:3.25(W) x 5.59(H) x 0.47(D) inches
Weight:P-V2: 0.36 lbs. approx.
P-VS2: 0.40 lbs approx.
Included Accessories:Installation manual x 1
M3 (8mm) screw x 4