IDX Cheese Plate

IDX Cheese Plate

IDX Battery Adaptor for Canon cameras

IDX Battery Adaptor for Canon cameras

IDX V-Mount Adaptor for Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Supports Any IDX ENDURA Battery Unregulated D-Tap Output Compatible with IDX A-CP(A) Cheese Plate
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The ET-PV2BM is designed to attach directly to the IDX A-CP(A) Universal Mount Plate or

any other suitable mounting plates on industry standard rail systems. Based on the popular

IDX V-Plate chassis, the ET-PV2BM allows direct mounting of any high capacity IDX

ENDURA Lithium Ion battery, while an integral DC cable supplies battery power directly to

the camera.

The ET-PV2BM also contains an unregulated D-Tap output to allow the use of professional

on-board camera lights and other accessories.

Cable Output Voltage:12~17V DC
D-Tap Output Voltage:12~17V DC
Max. D-Tap Output:50W
Cable Length:1m approx
Dimensions:82.5(W) x 142(H) x 12(D) mm
Weight:210g / 0.46lbs approx
Included Accessories:M3 x 8(mm) screw x 4