Cineroid LM400-VCE Professional Bi-Color LED Light Kit

Cineroid LM400-VCE Professional Bi-Color LED Light Kit

Cineroid CR-L10C-VCE Camera Mountable Vari-Colour LED Light

The L10C-VC is an exceptionally compact LED light that makes a great travel companion to be utilized anytime, anywhere, for great lighting results.
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The L10C-VC has many great features including:

High Power LED Light

The L10C offers a wide, bright illumination by producing a powerful light beam. It contains 12 x 8 chips that each contain 3 LEDs.

30 Step Brightness Dimmer

The brightness can be adjusted via a dial found on the top of the unit. It can be adjusted between 0-30 steps of brightness, each numerically displayed on the rear of the unit.

Compact Size

The L10C's compact size makes it super lightweight and convenient to carry anywhere and utilize any time.

Operates via Battery or Adapter

With the L10C you have the flexibility to choose between AC / DC adapters and attachable battery for freedom of choice in power source. The unit has 3rd party battery support.

Adjustable Colour Temperature

The colour temperature of the unit can be adjusted between Tungsten (3000K) and Daylight (5400K) temperatures on the fly via dial on the rear of the unit.

More Information
  • High Power LED Light
  • 30 Step Brightness Dimmer
  • Compact size
  • Operates via Battery or Adapter
  • Adjustable Colour Temperature
More Information
Size (W x H x D):93 x 83 x 25 mm
Power Input:6 ~ 17 V
Power Drain:19.4W
Light Angle:120 Degree
Brightness Step:30 Steps
Mount:1/4' screw mount
External Power:D-tap (optional
Weight:160 g w/o Battery
Display:Brightness / Channel / Colour Temp / Warning
Photometric:360 lux / 1 m
Colour Temp:3000K~5400K+-200K

More Information
  • L10C Body
  • Honey Comb
  • Battery Mount
  • Mini Ball head
  • User Manual
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