Manfrotto 521SB Splitter Box for FIG RIG

Manfrotto 521SB Splitter Box for FIG RIG

Manfrotto 595B Fig Rig

Lightweight & portable camera support system • Attach Micophones, lights and Controllers with ease
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After years of using the Fig Rig on his award-winning films, Mike Figgis brought his idea to Manfrotto. An idea that is non-traditional in design, but purely simple and effective.

The Manfrotto Fig Rig is the only modular system in the world to smoothly support the DV camera and act as a frame to mount all the accessories - including zoom controllers, mics, mixers, lights, monitors, arms.

With the use of the optional 595CLA Clamp you can convert the Fig Rig frame into a fully-loaded roving cine rig precisely positioning your mic or monitor anywhere around your camera. Add on a Manfrotto 521 series remote control and now you have complete fingertip control of zoom and focus.

Customize the Fig Rig to your liking. Manfrotto provides the canvas to allow you to create your masterpiece.

Diameter: 475mm
Tube: 25mm aluminium
Weight: 1.0 kg
Quick Release Plate: 501PL