NewTek Sports Graphics Pack Volume 1 Software Coupon Code

NewTek Sports Graphics Pack Volume 1 Software Coupon Code

NewTek TriCaster 455 to Tricaster 460 Software Upgrade

A software upgrade from the Newtek Tricaster 455 to the Newtek Tricaster 460.
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The NewTek Software Upgrade for Tricaster 455 Multi-Camera Production System offers a host of features and allows you to upgrade the TriCaster 455 version to the 460. This upgrade offers a dashboard panel at the top of the user interface that provides quick access to new and existing functions. This upgrade also provides features such as powerful Mix Effects banks, workspaces, effect and transition controls, LiveSet virtual camera, PTZ tab, and more.

Note: Upgrade is available for purchase only by Customers who have purchased a TriCaster 455 Full Unit

  • Dashboard
  • The Dashboard panel at the top of the user interface provides quick access to new and existing functions-workspace configuration, macros, and one-touch stream, grab and record control triggers. Plus, a handy tab for managing various interface and workflow options.
  • Mix Effects
  • Located above the main switcher, powerful Mix Effects banks replace Virtual Inputs. The M/E rows appear and perform almost identically to the main switcher in Mix mode, while adding expansive creative capabilities in the Effects mode. The keyboard shortcut m toggles the M/E panel between open and close.
  • Utility Operations
  • Macros, M/Es, fully configurable outputs, and linking Switcher-M/E rows in groups, all replace the Utility row operations.
  • Workspaces
  • Use the Workspaces button on the Dashboard rather than the tabs and Program configuration panel to access a variety of layouts for both the user interface and Multiview displays.
  • Getting to Fundamental Controls
  • Double-click a live desktop monitor to access the configuration panel or mouse over to reveal the configuration gear below it. LiveMatte, Proc Amp, and Crop settings are also featured. But, do note that switching by clicking input monitors has been removed to eliminate potential accidents.
  • Effect and Transition Controls
  • Expanded thumbnail windows provide heightened visibility of effect selections, while the stacked control scheme delivers fast, easy configuration of overlay sources and transition settings. Hint: Click the thumbnail icon to access and manage presets for each effects channel.
  • LiveSet Virtual Camera
  • Aside from sets, the LiveSet functionality has been expanded to include double the amount of preset shots, with fully configurable pan, zoom, and pedestal positions for more dynamic shot framing. Plus, the smooth virtual camera moves that let you swing and shift freely between presets even when the virtual camera is already in motion.
  • Buffers
  • Occupying their own tab with a dedicated multiviewer in the bottom right pane, the buffers essentially add 15 more input sources to your live production. Now, frequently-used assets like looping backgrounds, animated title elements, bugs, logos, and more can be stored and accessed at will, while freeing up the DDRs and graphics channels for other purposes.
  • Audio Mixer
  • A flexible and precise audio control has been integrated into the TriCaster 460, with more configuration settings, expanded routing options, a retooled AFV (audio follow video) system, and 4 stereo output mixes available, plus support for the AVID Artist Mix control surface.
  • PTZ Tab
  • Joining the DDR, GFX, and Sound player tabs in the bottom-left pane is the PTZ tab. Serving as an integrated control panel and shot preset multiviewer, the PTZ tab lets you operate and manage robotic pan-tilt-zoom cameras connected to the TriCaster, right from the user interface.