Variosystems Osprey 230 with Simulstream PCI Capture Card

Variosystems Osprey 230 with Simulstream PCI Capture Card

Variosystems Osprey 440 PCI-X Capture Card

Variosystems Osprey 440 PCI-X Capture Card

Variosystems Osprey 260e PCIe Capture Card

Internal PCI-e Card 1.1 • Inputs: Composite (BNC x 1), Y/C (BNX x 2, Components (BNC x3) /Balanced Stereo (XRL x 2) & Unblanaced Stereo (RCA x 2) • Outputs: Unbalanced stereo line 3.5mm • SD Capture • NTSC/PAL
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PLEASE NOTE: Viewcast Simulstream Software is not included and can be purchased separately.

Osprey video technology sets the industry standard for high-quality, rock-solid streaming performance. Utilized in a wide variety of applications – from aerospace to surveillance, Internet TV to webcasting – Osprey cards drive the delivery of video to viewers all around the globe. The Osprey 260e PCI-Express Capture Card continues that strong tradition of high-value streaming performance.

Take advantage of advanced video pre-processing features such as logo/bitmap overlay with transparency and positioning controls, de-interlacing, color space conversion and closed-caption extraction and rendering. The Osprey 260e automatically detects and adapts on-the-fly when the input video format changes from movie frame rates to television frame rates. We’ve also added a broadcaster-requested feature – loss of video detection – which automatically substitutes internally generated NTSC color bars (or other test display) with an optional customized text overlay.

Like all Osprey cards, the Osprey 260e supports global analog standard-definition (SD) formats, including NTSC and PAL. If you are a global OEM integrator seeking a single-solution deployment strategy, this card’s for you.

  • Hardware audio gain control
  • Closed-caption extraction
  • Cropping and bitmap overlay
  • Audio loop-back for monitoring
  • Customized messaging generated upon loss of video signal
  • Supports Wide Screen Signaling (WSS) flag
  • for automatic 16 x 9 capture
  • Install multiple cards per chassis, or mix-and-match with other Osprey cards
  • Works with popular video encoding
  • applications
  • Provides audio loop-back output
  • Microsoft Windows Drivers only
Video (One channel switchable input).: Composite (BNC x 1).
Y/C (BNC x 2) (Includes BNC to mini-DIN
Component (BNC x 3).
Audio: Balanced stereo (XLR x 2).
Unbalanced stereo (RCA x 2).

Audio: Unbalanced stereo line (3.5 mm

Video Formats: NTSC and PAL

Connectivity: PCIw (x 1):
Slots: x 1, x 4, x 8, or x 16
PCIe 1.
Pre-Processing: Closed-caption extraction/rendering
Logo/bitmap overlay
Scaling, cropping, de-interlacing and inverse telecine
Loss of video automatic test pattern generation with text overlay options
Simulstream: NOT Included
System Requirements: Microsoft Windows Only
Microsoft DirectShow API Driver Suppport
Video capture requires intense bandwidth across the system bus, CPU, and memory.
North Bridge PCIe slots are strongly recommended.
Multi-core processors are recommended to run video applications

Dimensions: Half-height board
5.25” L x 2.71” H (13.34 cm L x 6.89 cm H).
Includes low-profile bracket
Hardware Warranty: 1 year limited hardware warranty
  • 1 x Viewcast Osprey-260e PCI-Express Capture Card
  • 1 x Viewcast Osprey Breakout Cable
  • 1 x Viewcast Y/c to S-Video adaptor